Does England First Party want to abolish Christianity?

Losing FAITH: I was curious to understand in Joseph Watts's write-up (The Sentinel April 14) that this England Earliest Party wants to abolish 'all non-European religions'.

I belong to a faith that was founded by a Jewish Rabbi who lived from the Middle East.

It absolutely was a faith that spread generally nevertheless Asia and only arrived rather late to these islands situated at the incredibly edge of what was then the civilised entire world.

Even these days most with the adherents of my faith live in Africa, South America, or Asia.

The truth is, a single could say that Europe may be the just one continent in which my faith is struggling for existence.

I refer, naturally, to Christianity.

So, quite a few electors will be quite serious to recognise that this English Initial Celebration intents to abolish the Church of England and the other Christian churches.

Rector of Stoke & Churches City Link Officer
Stoke Rectory

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